Website Development, Monthly Maintenance & Marketing

Complete website development, custom plugin development & migration. On a rolling monthly basis I perform maintenance, social media marketing, website performance (Gooogle and site analytics to track and improve conversion and retention), feature improvement, handle customer technical queries directly.

I took over this website from the previous developer.

Work was conducted in multiple stages. Initially, the previous developer had left the website with add to cart errors (multiple customers could not check out). I diagnosed the problem and implemented the fix for the issue within 24 hours.

Next, a Subscription feature was required which would allow any set of items to be converted into a custom subscription. Additionally, follow up emails reminding customers of their renewal dates and fees was required. I implemented this feature within two weeks. More recently, a requirement arose to send automated emails when a subscription is cancelled, and this was implemented on the same day at no additional fee).

Due to issues with the website going down regularly on the old hosting platform GoDaddy, I migrated the website to a more stable & more affordable website hosting provider. GoDaddy was more than double the price, but was constantly failing and costing money in lost sales. I then re-developed the website and produced numerous new custom features including;

  • Spam Protection & Site Optimisation
  • Custom Login Page
  • Activity & Error Logging
  • Cosmetic Updates
  • Recipe System – users can submit & view recipes
  • reCaptcha checks
  • Site Optimisation
  • Follow up email setup – Automatic Cart Recovery
  • Free Delivery Banner
  • Migrate to a new hosting provider, test & Deploy
  • Site Security & backups
  • About Us Page
  • Menu Amendments
  • SMTP (sending emails from the website)
  • Custom email address account setup – 4/200 available used
  • Configure custom domain
  • Access: LastPass & Code repository
  • Feature: Show ingredients when you select the flavour
  • Remove dashboard notices re updates
  • Loyalty/Rewards System update
  • MailChimp
  • Improved Product Recommendations
  • 24/7 Site Monitoring with Alerts
  • Theme updates
  • Multi-user permissions
  • Wholesale system & user roles & hide wholesale from main shoppers 
  • Points system – points only apply to non-wholesale customers
  • Handbook & tutorial videos
  • UI issues & Mobile issues
  • Cookie notice update
  • Subscriptions page
  • IPN failure checks (PayPal)
  • Content upload
  • Inventory system changes 
  • SEO checks
  • Update product page layout
  • Email templates for website
  • Re-implement broken Facebook Feed
  • Setup & Integrate WooCommerce newsletter signup system with the website
  • Design & Implement Subscription confirmation email pages & emails with MailChimp. Populate email newsletter with valid existing customers
  • Free Delivery banner system


I provide same-day email support and investigation into occasional customer-reported issues and potential bugs, providing detailed explanations and information to help support customers. For example, a customer reported an issue of not being able to check out a wholesale order.

I immediately looked at their attempted checkout, and ensured that the issue was due to the minimum order control (£130) and not a bug with the website.

Another customer reported an issue of not being able to check out. I debugged the issue, determined it was a cookie issue with their browser, sent them a manual cart recovery email (to save them having to re-enter their details and improve the chances of re-capturing the order), and provided a detailed explanation to the site owner, Siaan, to help her to support her customer (ask them to close & re-open their browser).

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