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Simple management of the online side of your business.

What is Managed E-Commerce

It’s a complete system that covers everything you need to run your e-commerce business online, for one simple monthly fee.

E-Commerce has become a job for a huge team, and outsourcing these separately can result in uncoordinated efforts and poor value results. 

You might have someone managing your google ads, someone else creating social media graphics, someone else updating your website content, have a 3rd party wholesale platform and a whole host of other people doing different things.

We aim to bring these services under one strategic system. E-Commerce should be simple to run, and with an increasingly competitive market, working with us can allow you to focus on creating the best product possible, save you endless amounts of time and money, and allow you to hit your growth goals.

With CPI (Consumer Price Index) as it is, if you’re not growing by 9% a year, you’re shrinking.

What does it include

Website Management

  • Custom Web Design (Changes anytime & Annual Refresh)
  • Development:


  1. Subscription Systems – Customers can build their own subscription products & delivery interval, or choose from bundles. Card Expiry Notifications
  2. Email Follow Up systems
  3. Loyalty systems, coupons & incentives for sharing
  4. Email newsletter signups
  5. Offer popups
  6. Store banners (offer countdowns, notices e.g. Royal Mail Strikes)
  7. Google, product reviews – automated requests & manual replies to new reviews
  8. User generated content area 
  9. Email nurturing system – encourage new visitors to leave their email address, and nurture these visitors to encourage them to purchase with custom content & offers
  10. Delivery system integration
  11. Accounting system integration
  12. SMS Notifications
  13. Birthday system
  14. VIP systems


  • Wholesale Portal
  • Content Creation: Weekly Blog & Articles
  • 500 custom email addresses
  • High performing website speeds
  • Print media design
  • Content Management & Upload
  • Course & Content Sale systems
  • Branding & Messaging ‘Tone of Voice’


Technical Management

  • Security – block malicious users & bots
  • Backups
  • Hosting
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerts


Marketing – B2B & B2C

  • Cold Email Marketing
  • LinkedIn outreach automation
  • SMS Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC Ad Management
  • Seasoning Marketing Planning – Christmas, Black Friday, Valentines Day etc


Social Media

  • Social media engagement – replies to comments
  • Scheduled & fully managed regular posting – Instagram, Facebook, TikTok
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Journalism & Traditional Media Outreach


Day to Day Management

  • Multichannel Management (Amazon. eBay)
  • Customer Support via email
  •  Replies to new reviews on Google / other platforms
  • 24/7 Emergency Phone technical support for your business

 We provide monthly reporting, calls and updates, as well a bi-annual planning and reviews that ensures you are kept upto-date and still in the driving seat for pushing your business forwards.

What does it cost?

Simple service options:

Fully Managed E-Commerce

from £19,000/annually for your website, marketing, social media & design with unlimited support, updates and security.

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